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Technical Details

There are two scenarios to consider:

  1. A single sponsor
  2. Multiple sponsors

In the first scenario, that sponsor will always be visible on the screen. In the second scenario, things work a bit differently, which will be explained in the chapter below.


You can always look at the current sponsors to find out how many are currently competing for the spot.

Multiple Sponsors

The sponsor slot may be rented out to multiple sponsors, and will then automatically rotate between them. Each sponsor receives a default time slot of 30 seconds which is how long they will be visible on the screen, before the next sponsor is shown.

This value can be increased or decreased depending on how much the sponsor is paying.

The final time will be calculated using the following formula:

Tsponsor=(30n)Msponsori=1nMnT_{sponsor} = (30 * n) * \frac{M_{sponsor}}{\sum_{i=1}^n M_n}

Where nn is the total amount of sponsors and MsponsorM_{sponsor} is the amount of money being sponsored by a given sponsor.

The same relative distribution will be used to determine which of the sponsors will be rendered on initial page load. This means that the more you pay, the higher likelihood it is that your slot will be rendered on the screen first, and the longer it will remain on the screen.

To put this into perspective, let's have a look at the following scenario with three sponsors:

SponsorMoney being sponsoredFinal TimeFirst Render Likelihood
Company A€350T_A=(303)350115027sT\_{A} = (30 _ 3) _ \frac{350}{1150} \approx 27 s350115030%\frac{350}{1150} \approx 30\%
Company B€600T_B=(303)600115047sT\_{B} = (30 _ 3) _ \frac{600}{1150} \approx 47 s600115052%\frac{600}{1150} \approx 52\%
Company C€200T_C=(303)200115015sT\_{C} = (30 _ 3) _ \frac{200}{1150} \approx 15 s200115017%\frac{200}{1150} \approx 17\%